We're excited that you have either chosen to become a member of the Maine Academy of Country Music or to renew your existing membership. MACM members receive our monthly newsletter, "UPBEAT", around the 1st of each month.      If you wish to place an ad in our newsletter please contact our Newsletter Editors, Kathy Vanadestine or Jeff Simon, through our Officers page for prices, etc.

      For your convenience, you can download and print the membership application by clicking here.

      If you are using our site to renew your existing membership or a new membership, please make all checks payable to "Maine Academy of Country Music"

Please send your membership application and check / money order to:
M.A.C.M. Membership Registration

P.O. Box 2423
Augusta, ME  04338

ATTN: Claudette Marcoux (Membership)       

“It is the purpose of this program to provide financial support to M.A.C.M members (including immediate family) and M.A.C.M. benefactors in a time of need. This program is not meant to be the whole means of support but a financial "hand up”.
We hold two or three shows a year that directly fund this program as well as accept financial donations on its behalf. You can request an application from the Directors or Officers or download/print the application from the link below on this web page.     This program does have its own application review committee and a coordinator that will put the shows together then report to the Board periodically. If you know of a member that needs help and might not be comfortable asking for it please fill out an application on their behalf and send it in. A benefactor is someone or an organization/group that does a lot for The Academy without being a member. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us.
If you would like to download/print an application please click here.

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